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ELS-Script Downloads

This page contains links to download the ELS-Script User's Guide and the 15-days Trial Version of ELS-Script software package.

The User's Guide download file is a single ZIP-file that contains the three chapters of the actual ELS-Script User's Guide book as three separate PDF documents.
To download this user's guide ZIP-file, please click on the following link: Download User's Guide (size 4.14 MB)

The 15-days Trial Version of ELS-Script has almost all the features of the actual full version of the software, with the exception of the .NET Report Engine and timed expiration after approximately 15 days. You may also check the Flash demos for an illustration of how the SRT Wizards and Report Designer work.

NOTE: The download process will prompt with the Request Activation Key dialog, in which you need to enter your valid e-mail address (please double-check your e-mail address entry, if you enter a wrong address you will not be able to use the software after download). After successful download, an activation key will be automatically generated and send to your e-mail address. You will need this activation key, to begin using the downloaded software.

The installation files are available in two forms: as a single image or optionally as two zip-files.

To download the installation as a single image file, please click on the following link:
    Download Trial Version  (size 10.1 MB)

To download the installation as two zip-files, please click on the following links:
    Download ELSSTrialFiles1.ZIP  (size 4.61 MB)
    Download ELSSTrialFiles2.ZIP  (size 4.99 MB)
In this two zip-file case, please note that you need to extract both zip-files into a single directory, and then run the Setup.exe from the extracted files.

ELS-Script Report Engine Deployment Kit: This is an ASP application with necessary VB and Java script code, forming into a report generator and viewer, along with a report engine component. The package contains a complete set of components and sample report files to deploy an enterprise level web reporting solution on your web server.
To download this ELSSREDK package, please click on the following link: Download ELSSREDK  (size 1.84 MB)

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